Why I Labor for The Lord


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There are four groups of people that the apostle Paul addressed in II Timothy 2:12. We have looked at two of them; listeners and learners. That is the beginning of picking up God’s truth and passing it on to others. Listeners hear the truth with their ears and learners hide the truth in their hearts.

Now we have come to the third group of people in this passage—"faithful men.” There is something to be said about the Christian who is simply faithful in all that they do! These are laborers, who take the truth they have been given and heed to it!
But I think we must ask ourselves why? Why do we serve the Lord? Here are a few reasons why I serve the Lord:

  1. Because He loves me and gave Himself for me
  2. Because He rewards faithfulness
  3. Because time is short
  4. Because Jesus is coming soon
  5. Because of the Judgement Seat of Christ!

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