68: WWF Ring Boy Scandal with David Bixenspan Part 1


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We are back with another interview, this time interviewing journalist David Bixenspan (aka Bix) about the WWF Ring Boy Scandal, Mel Phillips, Terry Garvin, the company's response to the scandal, Vince McMahon's reported firing and rehiring of Phillips, how the story came up, etc. We go in depth on a lot of the details that have been otherwise ignored regarding this scandal so tune in!
Read his article here: https://www.businessinsider.in/politics/world/news/wwe-cofounder-linda-mcmahon-who-runs-trumps-biggest-super-pac-once-hired-a-suspected-child-molester-on-the-condition-that-he-stop-chasing-after-kids-he-didnt-/articleshow/78938854.cms
Warning, this episode deals with explicit content regarding a child molestation scandal that may not be comfortable for all listeners.

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