EP9 - New Month, New Money! End of Month Reflections


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Getting ready to wrap up the first quarter of the year, what better time than now to review your financial goals and ask yourself, does this make sense for me? Whether you are trying to pay a loan, save for a home, or create an emergency fund, get clear on your goals. And tune in as your money mindset queen asks you to reflect, assess your plan, and stop thinking small. Let’s get that bag this month!


- What are your financial goals? Do they still make sense?

- You never know what you can accomplish until you write it down

- Are you saving for a house, retirement, an emergency?

- How to review and manage your goals

- Recognize when you haven’t done enough for yourself

- When you have money in the bank, you make better decisions


“I'm talking about financial freedom. We create options and opportunities for ourselves when we make our finances a priority.”

“It's not always about, oh, I messed up. I didn't save enough. I didn't do enough. Sometimes, it's about recognizing you didn't do enough for yourself.”


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