EP4 - The Bounce Back


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Roadblocks and hurdles are inevitable when it comes to building financial wealth, but it’s the bounce back from these hiccups that matter more! So how do you best position yourself to get out of your sticky financial situations?

In this episode, Candice shares her own bounce back story to show you the importance of showing up for yourself financially. Learn to overcome your fear of finances by nurturing a healthy relationship with them. Whether it’s growing out of your survivor mentality or understanding your credit a little better, Candice will equip you with the necessary skills in order to bounce back from your financial struggles as quickly and as easily as possible!


  • The importance of showing up for yourself financially.
  • How you are meant to live in abundance.
  • Why you should ask for help when you need it.
  • Dealing with garnishment and credit.
  • Hiring help: why you need to spend money to build wealth.


“While money is not everything, we need to have our finances in order so that we can live in abundance so that we can truly live the life that we were meant to live.”

“One of the most toxic things people could say is I don't need help.”


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