EP3 - You Can Achieve Financial Freedom


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Being neck-deep in debt or any other type of financial struggle is never a place you want to find yourself in, and your host Candice Young was no stranger to those kinds of situations. In this episode, Candice shares the lowest lows of her financial journey and the valuable lessons she learned from them. From getting robbed to receiving an eviction notice, Candice has been there and done that when it comes to suffering the consequences of poor financial planning. But instead of falling victim to her failures, Candice will show you how she not only survived but thrived from her circumstances. Tune in to listen to her stories and see for yourself that it is never too late to turn your financial situation around!


  • Candice’s first job, paycheck, and apartment.
  • The story of how Candice got robbed.
  • How she dealt with her eviction notice.
  • The importance of embracing and learning from your financial failures.
  • Why you need good money management skills.


“I want you to understand that you don't have to be good with money from day one. You don't have to be born with money to get money.”


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