EP3 - Why I Quit Drinking Coffee for a Week


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Life just happens, and sometimes it can feel like it runs you instead of you running it. We all have felt it, and in this episode, Candice shares how she hit a hard reset and used discipline to get back on track.

Tune in as your money-making queen shows us why discipline is at the root of all success. She asks us to challenge ourselves every day, removing or changing something about the way we move through our day, sticking to small goals so that we can learn how to accomplish the big ones. Start small and be realistic because sacrificing immediate pleasure for the greater good of the future is what makes discipline truly the highest form of self-love.


- Why we must commit to challenging ourselves

- Being dependent on habits that do not serve us

- Candice’s coffee challenge

- How to test your discipline

- You got to start small and build!

- The importance of setting SMART goals


“Everything we want out of life is on the other side of discipline.”

“If you can't control something small in your life and be disciplined about something as small as coffee intake, then nine out of ten, you're not gonna be able to accomplish the big goals.”


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