EP12 - The Finale


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Join your host Candice Young as she wraps up Season 1 of The Money Mindset Queen podcast! Tune in as Candice looks back at the biggest takeaways from the first season, shares her biggest mission behind this podcast, and most exciting of all, what to expect in Season 2.

Thank you so much for starting your Money Mindset journey with us - this is truly just the beginning. So be sure to stay tuned because there are even bigger things coming your way next season with The Money Mindset Queen!


  • Looking back at Season 1.
  • The “Why” behind The Money Mindset Queen.
  • What to expect in Season 2.


“The whole thing about it is people don't understand that an 800 credit score is more powerful than $100,000.”

“A good budget starts with studying your own habits.”


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