How To Use Crystals, And Candles To Create A Sacred Space At Home - Marie Diamond


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In this episode, Feng Shui Master Marie Diamond teaches us how to boost the energy in our home by using crystals, candle activations, and some powerful energy rituals. Get ready to clear your home from stress, conflict, heaviness, and any bad vibrations.

Listen out for:

- The 3 levels of the law of attraction.

- The definition of Feng Shui.

- How to find your direction of success.

- Everything you need to know about crystals.

- How to use candles to create a sacred space.


Marie Diamond is a globally renowned transformational teacher, leader, speaker, and international bestselling author, creator of Diamond Feng Shui, Diamond Dowsing, and Inner Diamond Meditation programs. She uses her extraordinary knowledge of energy, quantum physics, the Law of Attraction, and ancient wisdom like meditation, Feng Shui, and Dowsing to support individuals, organizations, and corporations to transform their success, financial situation, relationships, motivation, and inspiration.


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