59. Q&A With Aisha


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In this episode I'm answer all the questions you sent in over the last week regarding fitness, nutrition, motherhood, business, podcasting, topics we've covered on the show and personal questions! I love getting to know others on a more candid level through Q&As and thought we were due for a little more candid conversation on the show. If you have questions you'd like me to host on a future Q&A you can DM me on Instagram @aishazaza or email me at aisha@themindsetmile.com


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  • [1:21] Top advice for weight loss?
  • [5:13] Aisha's ten year goals.
  • [9:13] How is life in California, and do you see yourself living anywhere else?
  • [12:26] Advice or tips on starting preschool?
  • [14:28] A day in the life of Aisha, and staying organized.
  • [17:53] People who look up to Aisha.
  • [18:57] Best international vacation?
  • [23:44] Exercise after childbirth?
  • [26:33] Advice for a mom looking to start a business?
  • [28:40] Getting back to health after an ACL injury?
  • [30:28] 1 thing you find yourself wanting to work on?
  • [31:56] What is your morning routine?
  • [34:33] How often to practice self care?
  • [37:05] Managing disappointment.
  • [39:35] Dealing with negative comments from people who disagree.


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