56. Overcoming Imposter Syndrome


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Today we're talking about overcoming not feeling like enough, not feeling deserving and not feeling worthy of success. There’s a term that’s been coined for this and it’s called imposter syndrome. Women suffer from this far more than men and oddly enough, this feeling haunts even the most successful of people even after we’ve already achieved some of the things our former selves would have seen as boxes to check. In this episode we cover ways to face imposter syndrome head on so you stop feeling like a fraud in your own success and own it like a boss.

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  • [0:33] The podcast has hit 1 million downloads.
  • [2:31] The answer is always no until you ask.
  • [2:52] Dealing with imposter syndrome.
  • [6:27] Personal achievements - no matter what you accomplish, you'll still wake up the same you.
  • [8:46] Visualization can help you achieve your goals.


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