37. Your Limiting Beliefs Are Not The Truth


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We are very quick to question the truth, but rarely, if ever, do we question if what we believe about ourselves is true. We get so used to hearing our own limiting beliefs that we can’t even identify that they are only a thought and perceived barrier because after so long we trick our brains into thinking that they are true. But just because we've been telling ourselves the same story for a long time, doesn't mean we can't change the narrative. In this episode we fact check our own limiting beliefs and I give a helpful tool for you to use to separate the truth about yourself from the self limiting beliefs you've adopted.
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[2:33] Limiting beliefs, and the four minute mile.
[4:46] What is YOUR four minute mile? What is holding you back?
[6:35] Everything feels impossible...until it's done.
[9:10] Think about some challenges that you have overcome.


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