Battling Negative Self Talk And The Story From Being Adopted To Becoming An Attorney


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Episode Title:​ Battling Negative Self-Talk And The Story From Being Adopted To Becoming An Attorney

Episode summary:​ Mike Bassett was fortunate enough to be adopted by a loving family and was fortunate enough to know his birth mom. But every young child takes things personally and Mike thought his mom's actions reflected on him and his behaviors, creating childhood trauma. It's that childhood trauma, that hurt inner child which creates that self-negative talk. That self-negative talk and bad thoughts are what can destroy a person. Mike knew that it was up to him to work on healing that inner child so he can live his best life and not pass down his inner child wounds to someone else.

Guest Name & Bio: Unapologetically passionate and transparent, Mike Bassett has never stopped believing in the power of his team, truth, and doing the next good thing. In 2002 he founded The Bassett Firm, a Dallas-based boutique law firm specializing in defending catastrophic injury cases and has tried nearly 200 cases to verdict and is a highly sought-after national speaker, consultant, and mediator. He is also the host and co-creator of the Podcast, Legal Grounds: Conversations on Life, Leadership, and Law, whose guests have included everyone from archbishops to military leaders and New York Times bestselling authors. In his time as an attorney, Mike has embraced the hard path of grace and believes in second chances as much as he believes in honesty to his clients.

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