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Hi, I’m Alexi, host of The Mind Field Pod and creator of The Conscious Founder. As a mindset coach for founders, I enable business leaders to unlock untapped potential, giving them the greatest chance of success in an increasingly competitive world. The Mind Field Pod is an extension of all the work we do at The Conscious Founder.

This pod pushes the boundaries of conversations, celebrating our weird and wonderful minds. I aim to humanise founders through authentic and vulnerable conversations, and debunk the myth that building a successful company comes at the expense of sacrificing ones personal life and mental well-being.

For a holistic understanding, I sit down with an array of founders, entrepreneurs, leaders, creators, influencers, athletes and other high-performers, along with leading experts on the human mind. With every guest, we explore practical and actionable tips which you can apply to your own life.

Join me as I delve into people’s unique stories to learn how they have navigated their very own Mind Fields.

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