Fix and Flip Loans with Brian Dally of Groundfloor


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This podcast features an interview with Brian Dally, the co-founder and CEO of Groundfloor. Groundfloor creates fix and flip loans for those interested in investing in home-flipping businesses. It's open to both accredited and nonaccredited investors and you can start for as little as $10. In the interview we discuss real estate crowdfunding, the current investing market, loan grading, and the future of real estate.

0:00 Introduction

0:37 Intro to Brian Dally and Groundfloor

1:13 The current market and Groundfloor

2:47 How investors are finding deals

4:40 Aging of housing stock

6:27 Partnership with PadSplit

8:01 How does Groundfloor work?

13:25 How to risk balance

15:50 How Groundfloor scores loans

21:08 How Groundfloor makes a profit

23:28 Supply and demand on the Groundfloor platform

25:37 Commodities and inflation

27:50 Balancing risk

32:24 Investor communications

35:36 Financing for ADUs

39:00 Are iBuyers competitors for investors?

40:42 Groundfloor on SeedInvest

43:35 Groundfloor's long-term goals

47:40 The future of real estate crowdfunding

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