Episode #61: Real Estate and Taxes with Steve Moskowitz


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Today we are talking about taxes and more specifically how you can set up your tax structures when it comes to your real estate investing business. With the caveat that none of what you will hear today constitutes individual tax advice, let's dive in with Steve Moskowitz. Steve has over 30 years of experience as a tax attorney. His mission is to help smaller businesses and individuals deal with complicated tax issues.

0:00 Intro

1:06 Steve Moskowitz on why he loves taxes

3:15 Tax complexity

3:59 Setting up tax structures

12:33 Cost segregation analysis

16:19 Qualifying as a real estate professional

21:32 The benefits of Delaware Statutory Trusts

24:59 Urban Catalyst ad

27:06 What the Pandora Papers mean

33:06 Understanding the pass through deduction

39:10 What happens when you get audited

41:57 How long should you hold tax documents?

46:00 Opportunity zones

48:24 Potential tax changes

49:48 Thoughts on crypto

53:43 What's most important for real estate investors to know?

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