Episode #48: Single Family Home Investing with Gary Beasley of Roofstock


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The process of buying and selling homes in the United States has remained relatively unchanged for the past century. New Prop-tech startups like Roofstock are stepping in to change that. People are now buying and selling homes over the internet and this creates new opportunities for investors, both individuals and institutions. In this episode Roofstock CEO Gary Beasley shares his insight on the booming single family home market.

0:00 Introduction

1:37 The single family rental boom- Investment groups acquiring single family homes

4:05 How do institutional investments change communities

6:50 Are we in a housing bubble?

9:30 How did the eviction moratorium affect roofstock

11:14 Build to rent strategies

14:06 How has investor demand shifted since the pandemic

16:30 Working with iBuyers

18:15 Potential changes to the 1031 exchange

21:30 (BYOP) Bring your own property on roofstock

24:20 Using machine learning to scale real estate technologies

27:40 Vetting property managers

29:55 Increase in conventional and institutional investors

33:05 Different property portfolios

35:55 Analyzing recent migration trends

42:03 Click to buy homes and average transactions

43:30 The future of real estate investing

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