Episode #45: Tenant Screening with Steve White, RentPrep


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The COVID-19 pandemic and subsequent eviction moratoriums have left many landlords confused and out of options this past year. Steve White, founder and CEO of RentPrep , is an expert in tenant screening and simplifying the landlording process. In this episode he shares his insights on screening high quality tenants and how landlords can build better relationships to keep good tenants longer.

0:00 Introduction

1:30 Tenant landlord relationships & current evictions moratorium

3:55 Tenant screening and importance of credit scores

8:36 Advertising a property

13:48 How individuals can compete with institutional landlords

16:34 Single family rental boom

20:55 Getting on the phone to screen tenants ??

23:40 Tenant priority laws and the future of renal laws

31:00 Ihe landlord process after tenants move in

37:08 Importance of leases and using a professional

38:28 Early signs of a difficult tenant

40:40 Advice for landlords when a tenant wants to break their lease

43:20 How to keep great tenants long term

46:16 Increase in adoption of automated services and payments

47:42 Thoughts on the ending of the eviction moratorium

49:40 What’s next for RentPrep

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