Episode #29: Agtech with Kit Barron, FarmTogether


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In this episode, Millionacres editor Deidre Woollard talks with Kit Barron, Head of Automation & AI at FarmTogether about agriculture, farm technology, investing in farmland, and the future of how people will eat.

Kit Barron is the Head of AI and Automation at FarmTogether, one of the companies in the farmland investing place. Kit's focus is on leveraging technology to shape the future of food and agriculture. He spent six years at the Climate Corporation, where he helped build the world's leading AgTech platform, and has also worked at the CapLog Group, Grupo Bimbo and Harvard's Rockefeller Center for Latin American Studies. Learn more at FarmTogether.com.

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0:40 Introduction to Kit Barron

1:54 What is agtech

5:20 Understanding agricultural biomes

6:40 Changes in farming equipment

8:10 Automating the harvesting process

12:01 Why Kit was drawn to agtech

15:20 How changes in diet may impact the future of agriculture

17:50 Drought and climate change

19:40 Universities and advances in agriculture

23:10 What FarmTogether does

26:18 the tech stack for farming

28:45 weather and farming

31:25 Farming and ESG

33:22 Apple trends and farming

34:44 GMOs, breeding, and CRISPR

38:20 An international view of farming

44:10 Exit strategies at FarmTogether

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