Episode #25: Crowdfunding with Charles Clinton, CEO of Equity Multiple


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In this episode, Millionacres editor Deidre Woollard talks with Charles Clinton, the CEO of Equity Multiple, about crowdfunding, the current market for commercial real estate, and how to allocate assets across different real estate sectors.

Charles Clinton, the CEO of Equity Multiple, a real estate crowdfunding platform for accredited investors. Prior to Equity Multiple, Charles was a real estate attorney with Simpson, Thatcher, & Bartlett where he worked with private equity on many real estate transactions.

00:00 Introduction

02:04 Guest Introduction

02:21 Founding of Equity Multiple

05:20 Partnership opportunities

05:49 Evaluating deals

06:14 Working with IRA accounts

07:10 Transitioning to accepting self directed IRA capital

08:08 Bridge funding as a strategy

10:40 Requests through the Covid era

12:24 Asset allocation

15:26 Concerns about hotel performances in New York

16:32 Capital stack

18:24 Diversifying portfolio

22:28 Future proofing against catastrophe

25:05 Changing evaluation process

26:00 Administration policy impact

27:33 Crowdfunding rule changes

29:09 Regulation A Funds

29:49 Mobile Homes As An Investment Class

32:32 Opportunity Zone Mobile Home Fund

33:06 Opportunity Zones

33:50 Opportunities in Crowdfunding

35:51 Pandemic impact on geography

37:28 Advice to new crowdfunding investors

38:54 If you could be part of any real estate project, what would it be?

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