147. My Backstory Interview from Mark Goulston


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Dr. Mark Goulston and I discuss my experience with psychedelics, (im)patience, purpose, life patterns, and pretending you’re blind, as well as concepts like surgical empathy, coping (instead of healing), psychological adhesion, the {horror—terror—don't panic} trifecta, and how Ayahuasca can reconfigure minds as if they’re Rubik's cubes.

Originally a UCLA psychiatry professor and FBI hostage negotiation trainer, Dr. Goulston’s expertise has been forged in real-life, high-stakes situations. Dr. Goulston is an executive coach and the author (or co-author) of nine books, including Just Listen and Get Out of Your Own Way: Overcoming Self-Defeating Behavior. He is also the host of the My Wakeup Call Podcast, which kindly hosted this episode. —Links— Follow Mark on Twitter: https://twitter.com/MarkGoulston Check out his books: https://amazon.com/Mark-Goulston/e/B001IZ2O3W%3Fref=dbs_a_mng_rwt_scns_share & our first conversation: https://youtu.be/S_3Ydotys_g

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—Chapters— [0:00] Intro [2:55] Consistency in life, Purpose [7:25] Determination vs. Anger [9:03] Like a Blind Person Seeing for the 1st Time [12:37] Dietary Change & Harvard [16:45] Podcasting, OV [19:08] Psychological Adhesion (vs. Attachment) & Resistance to Change [22:40] Humiliating Billionaires [25:18] Meat & (Losing Faith in) Authority [30:08] Living in Disbelief [33:03] Coping vs. Healing [34:06] The {Horror/Terror/Don't Panic} Trifecta [35:50] Psychedelics, Rubik's Cubes, & Surgical Empathy [44:16] Annoyance vs. Impatience [48:12] Dangers of Unconditional Empathy [49:30] Outro

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