128. Opposing Views: Are Vaccine Passports A Threat? | James Lindsay & Arthur Caplan


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In this episode of Opposing Views, I was joined by Arthur Caplan and James Lindsay to discuss COVID-19 Vaccine passports (I.D.cards). We covered a range of topics like proposed vaccine passports, current restrictions in different US states, the impact of creating more I.D. on governmental control, and social credit systems.

Arthur Caplan is a professor and founding head of the Division of Medical Ethics at NYU Grossman School of Medicine. He focuses on ethics, bioethics, research ethics, transplantation, and health reform.

James Lindsay is an American author, cultural critic, and mathematician. He has spent considerable time in the “woke'' culture, especially in the written community. During that time, he studied the main tenets of woke literature and gained a broader perspective on related social changes, both domestic and abroad.

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———————————— Show Notes ———————————— [0:00] Intro [02:00] James Lindsay’s background and career [02:17] “It's actually pretty hard to give a brief background of who I am and what I do" James Lindsay [08:00] Are vaccine passports the end of COVID? Or the beginning of a new, more terrible stage of restrictions? [09:29] “[It’s] something like a health passport. That passport becomes the gateway to a digital I.D. that's connected to your ability to participate in society, so it’s the beginning of a social credit system" James Lindsay [11:18] The pandemic is being used to install social control" JL [13:28] What is James' response to people who believe that the social credit system is a convoluted conspiracy theory? [18:24] What could be the reason for a more global social credit system? [23:01] “Safety from everything” as the main claim prompting mandatory passports [28:33] Details on the proposed vaccine passports and early preparations in NY State and LA [31:06] More literary references [34:37] Details of US eviction moratorium. Restructuring government and its interaction with the public to maintain the power balance in a new age [37:13] How do you restructure western society on a global scale? Change needs to start with nongovernmental sectors buying into an idea or set of rules [54:25] "How do you sleep at night?" Mikhaila Peterson. "You get really tired and then you just black out and have bad dreams" JL [54:34] Farewell to James Lindsay

[58:40] Intro to Arthur Caplan [1:03:10] What’s the ethical impact of a vaccine passport? [1:03:15] "You're gonna need to have some way to prove you're vaccinated if we're gonna have freedom to travel. The biggest reason to get a vaccine passport going is because many countries are saying you can't come in here unless you are vaccinated" Arthur Caplan [01:03:57] Travel options for people who don't want to be vaccinated? [01:05:45] Addressing the concern that passports are the start of a social credit-type system [01:06:15] "In the middle of a plague, we need these vaccine passports. When the plague goes away, the passports go away" AC [01:07:00] "People are constantly saying to me that they don't want a vaccine passport because people will know where they are. You know what this cell phone does? It transmits every minute where I am to a slew of people" AC [01:08:00] What are the current COVID-19 restrictions in NYC? [01:11:59] Are there valid concerns with using a vaccine that was researched and developed so quickly? "Warp speed" manufacturing after the promise of guaranteed payment from the US government [01:13:59] Having short-term passports until cases decrease [01:16:15] What's the expected social impact of the vaccines? [01:19:15] Do vaccines reduce the severity of COVID-19 symptoms? [01:20:52] How does natural immunity play into mandate exemptions? [01:22:55] "I think it's a three-shot vaccine" AC [01:24:00] "We were in such a hurry to get these things out there, and they worked. At least they stopped the initial wave of COVID... If the three shots give you immunity for three years, or five years, that's what you want" AC [01:25:15] Financial liability for those who partake in social situations, work, or school while knowing they’re COVID positive [01:27:15] How do vaccine passports work with privacy laws about healthcare information? [01:32:15] Alternative medicines and approaches to COVID-19 [01:35:15] Wrapping up

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