125. Addictive Psych Meds | Beverley Thomson


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In this episode, Mikhaila hosts Beverley Thomson, a psychiatrist and author. They delve into mental health and the problems with pharmaceuticals. Beverley enlightens us about the increasing number of people on antidepressants, the brain changes that result from extended exposure, how to get off prescription drugs safely, the problem with generic drugs, and much more. They both share their attempts at navigating a ghastly health care system, and Mikhaila talks about Dr. Peterson’s awful experience going through akathisia. If you suffer or know someone suffering from antidepressants, this episode is for you.

Beverley Thomson, is a writer, researcher, and speaker with a focus on psychiatric medication like antidepressants, benzodiazepines, and ADHD drugs. Beverley has intensely studied how these meds work, their history, side effects, the potential for dependence, and the effects of withdrawal. Beverley has worked with the British Medical Association, the Scottish Government, and the UK Council for Evidence-Based Psychiatry. Her book Antidepressed: A Breakthrough Examination of Epidemic Antidepressant Harm and Dependence, is available now.

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Find Beverley Thomson's book Antidepressed: A Breakthrough Examination of Epidemic Antidepressant Harm and Dependence at https://amazon.com/Antidepressed-Breakthrough-Examination-Dependence-Antidepressan/dp/1578269237

Follow Beverley on Twitter @T_A_Psupport https://twitter.com/T_A_Psupport

Antidepressant Management: RxISK www.rxisk.org

Inner Compass Initiative/The Withdrawal Project https://www.theinnercompass.org/

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