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The Midnite Hour-Episode7-Escape. Where Tom is pursued by an old adversary.

A special comedy only edition of Huron City Radio's flagship spoof radio show, The Midnite Hour with Tom Bobbajobski!

This week is international week where Tom greets fans from all over the world, while his past finally catches up on him when he encounters an old adversary.

Tonight is International Phone In week-

"Yes-international! Foreign shores, strange lands, er, across the ocean, far and wide, near and far, up and down, er, zig and zag. As you know from my tales, I've done a fair bit of traveling myself. From Xanadu to Lilliput, Brigadoon to Shangri-La, I've seen the world and now, apparently, the world is seeing,er, well...hearing, us! So we invite all our friends from around the world to call in and tell us about yourselves and what it's like to live in a country that doesn't serve cheese with everything, or a nation that doesn't have more guns than it has blades of grass. Same number as always- 360, 195, 80, 13

Plus all the regulars- Tom's Top Tips, the Underwater Weather report, What's On in Huron City, the Competition winner, and, of course, Tom's Poetry Pocket.

Music from Valli Maine

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*The show is rated explicit for content because Tom leaks the occasional profanity. That's all.

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