Crushing Your Goals, Maintaining Your Integrity and Overcoming Your Breakdown with Bruce Pitcher


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Bruce was a participant in ABC’s Extreme Weight Loss about five years ago and he lost over 200 pounds in one year. Bruce shared his weight loss story with me in episode 6. Today he’s highlighting the differences that separate him from the participants that haven’t been able to keep the weight off. We talk goal setting, hitting rock bottom, and why your excuses are completely worthless. Enjoy the show!

Topics of discussion:

[:45] Why 90% of extreme weight loss participants gain the weight back.

[6:03] The importance of keeping promises to yourself.

[8:29] The key difference between motivation and drive.

[10:47] Overcoming challenging moments after Extreme Weight Loss.

[17:17] The effect of trauma on obesity and how it changed Bruce.

[23:25] Goal setting, integrity and all about The Champ Within.

[33:25] Building integrity with yourself and handling breakdowns.

[38:46] What Bruce has learned as a coach — after hitting rock bottom.

[43:13] Larger Than Life — The Bruce Pitcher Story.

[44:31] Bruce’s tips for taking the first step forward.

[46:47] Connecting with Bruce Pitcher.


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