#472 - Grutle Kjellson (Enslaved)


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Grutle Kjellson of Enslaved joins us this week! We discuss the Cinematic Universe Boxset that was released celebrating their livestreams in 2020, performing social distanced concert in large venues, how new album Heimdal has a very introverted feel to the songwriting, taken live music for granted prior to the pandemic, the difficult on touring that bands are currently experiencing, why its crucial for the fans to support live music now more than ever before, and on returning to North America after a long absence with Insomnium.

Petar, Jozalyn, and Sylvia also discuss the latest Metallica single “Screaming Suicide”, Danzig Sings Elvis playing a one of show and why we feel this is an event to see, and our expectations on what Danzig will wear and how he will sound.

Song: Enslaved “Congelia”

Song: Enslaved “Caravans of The Outer Worlds”

Song: Ahab “Mobilis in Mobili”

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