Episode 158: Abaddon Incarnate. Olan Parkinson drummer of legendary Death Metal/Grind band Abaddon Incarnate fills us in on their new upcoming release 'The Wretched Sermon'.


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It was a pleasure to talk to Olan Parkinson (drums) of legendary Death Metal/Grind band Abaddon Incarnate. The band was formed in Dublin in 1994, (under the name Bereaved the band released two demo cassette tapes, ‘Signs of Death’ in 1992 and ‘Tortured Souls’ in 1994). The decision was made to change their name to Abaddon Incarnate on the release of their third demo, ‘When the Demons Come’. Since then, the band has released two more promos (in 1996 and 2001) and five full-length album releases, consisting of ‘The Last Supper’ in 1999, ‘Nadir’ in 2001, ‘Dark Crusade’ in 2003 Cascade in 2009 and Pessimist in 2014. Original drummer Olan Parkinson re-joined in 2019 after filling in for some Irish dates and now Under Transcending Obscurity the band will release their sixth album 'The Wretched Sermon' in early 2022. Olan gives us a great insight into the recording of the new album, plans for 2022 and some fantastic stories of the band’s earlier days.
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