Episode 149: Neon Empire. John Collard (Vocals) and Tom Ambrose (Bass) of Dublin based, Neon Empire discuss the formation of their exciting band, recording new material and upcoming shows.


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Myself and my co-host Danielle were delighted to welcome John Collard (Vocals) and Tom Ambrose (Bass) of Dublin based band Neon Empire. The band are an exciting additional to the Metal scene with a clever blend of Metal Core, Electro-Metal added to other elements to form Neon Empires unique sound. The four piece, completed by Guitarist/Vocalist Hassan Ali and Drummer Veronika Švecová are certainly causing waves both here and further afield with the release of their latest single the infectious "City Lights". With work well on the way in relation to songs completed for a new album, the band are poised to take further strides in 2022. A headline gig in Fibber Magees in December promises to give fans what they've been missing from the band that deserves to be heard live.
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