Cycle Wisdom for Pregnancy and Birth (Jady Mountjoy)


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The inner seasons of the menstrual cycle are often mirrored in pregnancy, and in this episode with doula and Red School Leadership Mentor Jady Mountjoy, we walk through the three trimesters of pregnancy, learning how to harvest your cycle awareness experience to hold yourself through all the huge changes happening in your body and psyche.

Drawing on her experience of guiding pregnant and birthing people over decades, Jady shares how cycle awareness prepares you for the initiation of pregnancy and birth, how the deep intelligence of the trimesters builds the skill base we’ll need for parenthood, and how to move from your forebrain to your more primitive, instinctive brain as the energy of birth begins to court you.
We explore:

  • The medicine of the first trimester and how to create a soothing cocoon - even with physical symptoms - slow your life down, and tend to your needs in the vulnerability of the initial phases of pregnancy.
  • The ‘blossoming’ that can arise in the second trimester and how it correlates to inner summer, creating a kind of anchoring, and guiding us into a journey of allegiance to ourselves.
  • How the ‘descent’ of the third trimester can mirror the inner autumn, inviting us soften into the energy of birth, and start to allow ourselves to be beautifully dismantled in preparation for the surrender of labour.


Jady is one of the Red School Leadership mentors who guides participants through our Menstruality Leadership Programme. Registration is open for our 2022 cycle and you can check it out here:


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