434: The Truth About Vaccine Mandates, Understanding Polarity & Seeing Both Sides | Dr John Demartini


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“We live in troubled times.” “We’re more divided than ever.” “There’s only one right answer.”

… We’ve all heard these things said over the past two years (maybe you’ve even said them yourself) — but are they actually true? What lies beneath the surface of these blanket statements? And what divine opportunities are we missing when we opt for certainty and tribalism over nuance and polarity?

To help answer these questions, Dr John Demartini is on the show.

John is here to share his thoughts on what the current state of the world is doing to our collective consciousness, how we can find the hidden gifts and opportunities amid the turbulence, and why embracing polarity might just be the most important soul work we can do right now.

This is an episode like no other — a culture-defining conversation that cuts through the noise, confusion and conflict, and that puts into words the swirling thoughts and feelings that so many of us have been grappling with for nearly two years now. Press play, and prepare to have your mind — and soul — blown wide open.

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