Truth About Alex Jones, Immigration Crisis, and COVID Fear, with Rep. Mayra Flores and Dr. Joseph Ladapo | Ep. 369


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Megyn Kelly begins the show today breaking down the truth about Alex Jones, Megyn's connection to the Sandy Hook families, the media's coverage of her NBC interview with Jones, the harmful lies Alex Jones told, highlights from the trial, how Megyn almost had to testify at the trial, and more. Then Rep. Mayra Flores, newly-elected GOP Congresswoman, joins to discuss the "humanitarian crisis" at the southern border, the immigration hypocrisy in America, the response Flores has received from the left and the media, her electoral chances in November, the conservative nature of Latinos in America, and more. Finally, Dr. Joseph Ladapo, Florida's Surgeon General and author of "Transcend Fear," joins to talk about the push to vaccinate toddlers before school with the COVID vaccine, the rise in Monkeypox panic, fear-based COVID policies, transgender treatments for children, overcoming his own fear, methods he used to release his trauma, and more.

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