Meghan and Harry's Neediness and Disloyalty, and New Free Speech Case, with Tom Bower and Lorie Smith | Ep. 407


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Megyn Kelly is joined by Tom Bower, author of the new book "Revenge," to talk about how Harry and Meghan met, their toxic relationships with the media, how each were needy and found a way to meet their needs in each other, similarities between Meghan and Diana, the relationship between Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle, Meghan Markle's disdain for those who are nice to her, the Queen's relationship with Harry and Meghan, Harry's changed personality, the couple's disloyalty, why Harry and Meghan now are panicking over their Netflix documentary, the real story about the explosive Oprah skin color comment, and more. Then, Lorie Smith, a website designer whose case will be appearing before the Supreme Court in the latest LGBT and free speech and exercise and religious liberty case, along with her lawyer Kristen Waggoner of ADL Legal, to talk about what the Colorado law says about what Smith must put on her website, the key factor of "compelled" speech, what the Biden is doing now, and more.

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