Dire Consequences of Biden's Policies, and Fetterman-Oz Deep Dive, with Charles C.W. Cooke and Salena Zito | Ep. 406


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Megyn Kelly is joined by Charles C.W. Cooke, host of The Charles C.W. Cooke Podcast, to talk about a rare moment of unity between Biden and DeSantis, media trying to push climate change and to divide the country, 2022 predictions, the state of the economy, dire consequences of Biden's energy policies, Biden's lies and exaggerations, the illegal "student loan forgiveness" action, more Herschel Walker abortion story fallout, Trump's outrageous comments about McConnell and his wife, the woke and weak next generation and the NYU professor who was pushed out, and more. Then Salena Zito, reporter for the Washington Examiner and New York Post, joins to take a deep dive into the Pennsylvania senate race between John Fetterman and Dr. Mehmet Oz, discussing the key issues of crime and drugs, the real story about Fetterman's health, whether a debate will take place, the political issues in Oz's background, Fetterman's real background, the Mastriano-Shapiro governor race, and more.

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