Ben Shapiro on Biden Mental Fitness Gaslighting, FBI's Pro-Life Activist Raid, and Gender Reality | EP. 401


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Megyn Kelly is joined by Ben Shapiro, editor emeritus of The Daily Wire and host of "The Ben Shapiro Show," to talk about Biden's mental fitness and White House gaslighting over Biden wondering where congresswoman who died is, Kamala Harris' latest gaffe, "intersectional warfare" on the left, his prediction for the midterms, Trump exhaustion, The Lincoln Project never going away, FBI raiding a pro-life activist and FBI overreach, Jordan Peterson and the role of men, the insane backlash against Peterson, traditional vs. toxic masculinity, gender reality, media ignoring the left's violence, media attacks on the next Italian Prime Minister Georgia Meloni, the damage from Hurricane Ian and Don Lemon's climate change comments, The Daily Wire media empire, and more.

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