A Deep Dive into Detransitioners, with Experts, Doctors, and Those Who Have Been Through It | Ep. 367


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Megyn Kelly takes a deep dive into the important issue of transitioning and detransitioning. Joining the show are Walt Heyer and Grace Lidinsky-Smith, who have detransitioned after transitioning to the opposite gender, who discuss the trauma that led to transitioning, the validation they got after transitioning, the struggles that led them to detransition, the hormone therapy and surgery related to the procedures, the internet and cultural impact that helps lead to quick transitioning, the defense mechanism of transitioning, the backlash detransitioners can face for speaking publicly, the rise in young girls transitioning, and more. Then pediatrician Dr. Julia Mason and clinical psychologist Dr. Erica Anderson join the show to talk about the push to "affirm" only, puberty blockers, the way America is lagging behind Europe in having a nuanced point of view, the need for individualized care, the need to have different treatments for adults and children, the policing out of society of gay identities, how toxic masculinity is leading to some teen boys to transition, and more.

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