WATER + SOIL EMERGENCY: The critical state of our earth + how we can be a part of the solution, with soil expert Parker Cohn


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Our earth is in a state of emergency - like sci-fi movie status.

The topic of today’s episode can feel sort of doom and gloom because it affects literally every human on earth. And not just you and me today, but our children and future grandchildren. That topic is the current and future state of the health of our earth - specifically soil + water, with our guest Parker Cohn.

Parker, nicknamed the soil surgeon, is a soil management expert who helps farms increase the quality and quantity of crop yields while reducing the amount of water, energy, chemicals, and labor used. His business, Performance Resource Management, uses a unique combination of biological processes and drone technologies to rebuild the soil on farms and golf courses with massive implications for global environmental conservation. These results include creating a healthier food supply, a cleaner water supply, and reduced carbon footprint. The water and energy infrastructure of agriculture in the west is a major threat to health and food security around the globe, and Parker’s systems are powerful answers we’ve been looking for to support soil health and move toward solving our climate crisis.




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