The #1 most neglected root cause of emotional, spiritual + relationship issues with Metaphysical Intuitive, Rosanne Grace.


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This was a powerful one. Get ready to activate some miracles in your life.

As a Metaphysical Intuitive Coach, Rosanne specializes in getting to the root cause of clients mental, emotional and spiritual interruptions, compromised narratives and disruptive programs in order to be cleared. She is the conduit introducing elevated states of awareness that activates a client's connection to their higher self, inner child, divine intelligence and their true source consciousness. She is committed to facilitating the deepest, easiest and most graceful healing and integration possible.

Today we discuss:

  • Why Rosanne's life was turned upside down by her inner child
  • How to start healing your inner child
  • Why it's foundational to all spiritual growth
  • Who needs inner child work
  • How to be your own mother/father/god/goddess
  • How this work will open up whole new aspects of your life + ascension



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