SEX + INTIMACY RED FLAGS: How to identify, discuss + use them as catalysts for your growth


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Sex is the blood of the relationship. When it's flowing, we move with ease. When there are blockages it can throw everything off. When creating a healthy, conscious relationship, we must be able to speak about the relationship's sexual health freely, safely, and without judgement.

In this episode we are sharing 9 red flags in sex + intimacy to help you identify potential blockages, discuss them with your partner, how to view them as growth opportunities for the partnership, and when you should move on.

In the episode we discuss one communication tool to help with difficult conversations, called The Check-In. Here is the basic structure:

  • Invitation / appointment
  • One thing your partner is doing a great job of
  • One thing you are doing a great job of
  • (Switch partners)
  • One thing that you can improve on yourself
  • One thing that you would love more of from your partner
  • (Switch partners)

Want/will/wont list from sex coach Alexa Martinez @thatsexchick



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