HOW TO HAVE A LIQUID MIND: Developing creativity skills to generate big, breakthrough ideas + accomplish your massive goals with Will Hughes


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"Creativity is seeing what everyone else has seen and thinking what no one else has thought. -Albert Einstein

Will Hughes is a marketing + e-commerce expert. He’s the guy that companies hire to expand their business and accomplish huge goals. Now he’s using that expertise to help individuals (like chase + I) accomplish our big, aspirational, goals. The kind of goals that kinda make you nervous they’re so big.

Chase + I recently went through his course called Liquid Mind which is meant to help people generate big, breakthrough creative ideas, and direct their subconscious to achieve their aggressive goals.

If you'd like a chance to go through The Liquid Mind course FOR FREE, Will is gifting one of our listeners a full ride. All you have to is email one of your big, aspirational goals to and tell him you listened to this podcast. He will be choosing one winner to take the full course for free!

Take the Liquid Mind first lesson for free HERE.



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