BIRTH CONTROL/PERIODS/FERTILITY: Deepen your relationship by opening up on taboo topics with Berrion Berry


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Berrion Berry is a Menstrual Health Educator, Practitioner & the Founder of Optimize Your Flo. She teaches modern women to transform their periods and life through menstrual mastery. From hormone balancing to cycle syncing, to mood enhancing and self healing, Berrion covers it all and is excited to help you have your best period yet.

Today’s very real, very educational conversation is not just for the ladies, but also our men. Today is all about how to invite your partner into taboo topics like birth control, your menstrual cycle + fertility...which, lets be honest, usually falls on the woman to just deal with and figure out herself.

We’re not satisfied with that at the Medicin. We really want our entire lifestyle to support and reflect a healthy, conscious relationship, which includes dialogue around sometimes uncomfortable topics like these.

We discuss:

  • The shocking myths/truths of hormonal birth control (HBC)
  • HBC side effects
  • Supplements for transitioning off HBC
  • Fertility myths/truths
  • How to tell if you and your partner are fertile
  • How to invite your partner into period/fertility talk
  • What's going on with womens' cycles after cov19 Vax


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