185: Building the World’s Largest Digital Nomad Community and Founding VisaDB to Make Global Mobility Easier for Everyone with Danish Soomra


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Danish Soomro takes us on his journey growing up in Karachi, Pakistan, becoming a local entrepreneur, then going to do his MBA in the UK, and eventually becoming a full time digital nomad. He talks about founding “Digital Nomads Around the World” and growing it to the largest community of digital nomads in the world with over 150,000 members. Danish also talks about getting accepted to the “Startup Chile” accelerator program and building VisaDB.io as the first online visa information database and marketplace to make global mobility easier for everyone. He gives tips for growth hacking, productivity automation, managing remote teams and building company culture in a fully distributed company. Danish also share some of his travel experiences, and gives tips on visiting Brazil, Chile and Pakistan. Finally, he reflects on the concept of being a global citizen with numerous micro-identities. FULL SHOW NOTES AVAIALBE AT www.TheMaverickShow.com

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