180: Language Alter Egos, Competing in the World Memory Championships, and Founding AmoLingua with Ekaterina Matveeva


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Ekaterina Matveeva takes us on her journey growing up in Russia after the collapse of the Soviet Union, writing poetry, and falling in love with language learning—eventually being able to speak 9 languages and understand 20. She talks about living in different countries and emphasizes the importance of fully immersing in both the language and the culture. Ekaterina also explains the concept of the “language alter ego” and why it is so important. She then talks about her journey becoming a memory athlete and competing in the World Memory Championships in China. Ekaterina shares her top memorization techniques, as well as her tips on how to learn languages more quickly and efficiently. She also talks about her travel experiences in China, India, West Africa and mentoring entrepreneurs in Iran. Ekaterina then talks about her own entrepreneurial journey founding and scaling Amolingua. She then gives her tips for building location independent companies and managing fully distributed teams from diverse cultural and linguistic backgrounds. Finally Ekaterina reflects on what travel means to her. FULL SHOW NOTES AVAILABLE AT: www.TheMaverickShow.com

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