176: Fine Dining in the Basque Country, Wine Tasting in Rioja, and Founding Selva Vida Lodge & Retreat Center in the Amazon with Dr. Kristina Liu


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Kristina Liu shares her journey growing up on 3 continents, working her way up in the corporate world, and then deciding to leave her job to travel the world and build a location-independent coaching business. She also shares her journey in learning to appreciate wine. Matt and Kristina reminisce about their experience traveling together in Morocco, having an epic fine dining experience in Basque Country, and going on an 18-hour wine-tasting romp through Spain’s legendary Rioja wine region. Kristina then shares her life altering experience in the Peruvian Amazon which led to her buying property in Peru and founding the Selva Vida Lodge and Retreat Center. She also talks about her coaching program and framework, and gives some tips listeners can immediately apply in their lives. Kristina then discusses her new book “The Inside Out Journey” and reflects on the impact of the writing process. And, finally, she shares what travel means to her today. FULL SHOW NOTES AVAILABLE AT: www.TheMaverickShow.com

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