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This week Matthew & Rizzle spoke with the one and only Nate Alex. Nate is the man. He's an OG NFT degen who cut his collecting teeth with CryptoKitties before creating and co-founding projects like Chain Faces, NFT42, Chain Faces Arena, and his latest project hilariously called Secret Project. We retrace his journey, talk some shit, take a peek into Secret Project, and talk about what he has and hasn't been collecting these days.

Some notable shout-outs and shots fired in this episode include: @CryptoKitties @opensea @j1mmyeth @squigglyWTF @nft42 @XCOPYART @TomBrady @Pokemon @lsv @muratpak @CoolmanUniverse @TwoBitBears @CryptoMories


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