[MARS Classic] A Non Fungible Talk with POAP founder Patricio W.


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Rizzle will finally get back from Europe tomorrow just in time for the WIP (at 12 pm PT in the MEME Explorers discord), so we would like to uncork one more vintage MARS episode for everyone.

Last March, we had the good fortune of speaking with Patricio, the founder of the Proof of Attendance Protocol, otherwise known by its epic acronym POAP. POAPs have become an essential fixture for WIP attendees at every WIP over the past few years thanks to the POAP master herself Carolinaduh as well as at every respectable virtual gathering throughout the metaverse. It's almost a public good at this point.

We dove into the genesis story of the POAP protocol, Patricio's background, and his vision for where POAP may head next.

If you would like to learn more about Patricio and POAP, please refer to the following links:


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