Knocking on all the doors in NFT Land with artist Cryptoyuna


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This week Matthew & Rizzle spoke with the inspiring crypto artist Cryptoyuna. Cryptoyuna represents the best of the NFT and cryptoart spaces. Everything she does helps shine a light on all that is possible in the space. As a parent she has shown how NFTs have allowed her to pursue art full-time instead of putting it on hold. As an artist and builder in the space her can-do attitude and ability to hit up anybody to talk about anything highlights how close the next opportunity or project is in the space. Watch Cryptoyuna. She's a force.

If you would like to learn more about Cryptoyuna please check out the following links:


Some notable shout-outs and shots fired in this episode include: @cryptoyuna @robnessofficial @rarible @SaschaBailey @blockchainartex @makersplace @selfmadeheroes @hellowoca @blackboxdotart @theAngieTaylor @cryptovoxels @AsyncArt @animocabrands @garyvee @maxosirisart @5XPAZ @zenaprchamp @thebigticket205 @MrsBigTicket205 @lostavatars @graffitikings @instagram @EclecticMethod @VectorMeldrew @SLG_artupdates


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