Going long on generative art with Dave from Proof of Beauty Studios


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Matthew & Rizzle spoke with Dave from Proof of Beauty Studios (POB) this week. At first glance, and probably second and third glances too, POB may appear complicated, and you'd be correct. There is a lot going on under the hood with this project. Dave helps clarify what the heck POB is actually doing, which is amazingly fascinating once you unpack it a little. Over the course of our conversation, Dave talks about the HASH project (hash.pob.studio) and its focus on minting historic hash transactions on the Ethereum blockchain, their latest flagship project LONDON (london.pob.studio) which is the first in a long line of event-driven minting efforts designed to draw creative energy and expression around key technological milestones associated with the Ethereum blockchain, and even teases what they are cooking up when it comes to smaller side-experiments when it comes to PUBLICO (publico.pob.studio).

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