[Classic Episode] CryptoArt in VR, CryptoVoxels & the Future of Digital Art


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NOTE: Originally published 9 September 2019

Anyone that is just finding the NFT space or the metaverse will get a lot out of this episode. Recorded nearly two years ago, Rizzle and I discuss our very early experiences interacting with blockchain-based virtual worlds like Cryptovoxels and Decentraland (of course introduced to us from the legendary metaverse pioneer himself, Connie Digital) and our feelings on the burgeoning cryptoart and NFT space at the time.

Below you can see the original show description in all its vintage glory:

"In the first episode of season two, @matthew is joined by new co-host @rizzle. The two dive right into discussions about CryptoArt, CryptoVoxels, and the future of digital art by pulling on the real-life examples of fellow Cent users like: @n0shot, @javo, @Coldie3D, @skeenee, @mattiaC, @mlibty, @spontanert, @LoveArtHate, @pet3rpan, and of course @connie."

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