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This week Rizzle jumped on his own damn show as a guest to talk about his upcoming Art Blocks drop #OnChainChain.

As the name of the project implies, Rizzle and co-creators Sebi and Miguel Garest have created a fully on-chain digital wearable chain that owners will be able to use (or rather wear) across different metaverse worlds like CryptoVoxels and The Sandbox with more support to come.

Rizzle unpacks the year of ideating, finding collaborators, building, testing, optimizing - literally all the things - that went into making #OnChainChain a reality, and also digs into the deep past going back to Cent, to his journey at NFT42 and beyond.

If you would like to learn more about Rizzle please check out the following links:

Rizzle's Twitter:
Artblocks Website: - #OnChainChain is set to drop on Thursday April 14th at 12 pm PT

Some notable shout-outs and shots fired in this episode include: @artblocks_io @Cent @NFTland @marble_cards @MemeExplorers @nft42_ @AvaStarsNFT @j1mmyeth @nftsmart @nameless_nft @niftytime @theWIPmeetup @cryptovoxels @miguelgarest @Bullionix_io @NotLarvaLabs @TheSandboxGame @Minecraft @ArtOnBlockchain @skeenee_art @AsyncArt @n0shot1 @twobadour @ConnieDigital @Paradoxx_Media @godfreymeyer @josiebellini @Coldie @CyberKongz @decentraland @VRChat @fx_hash_ @FlyFrogsNFT @mfnkl @ChupacabraPower @mightymooseART @niftytime @PopWonderNFT @LyleOwerko @missalsimpson @youngandsick @TroyFitzpatric @ekaitza_ @trevorjonesart @CubesCrypto @DerpyBirbsETH @MattKaneArtist @robsonartist @bryanbrinkman @stellabelle @jeffgdavis @Cheaterflums


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