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Matthew & Rizzle had a fun chat with Azeem from and how to create a crypto-powered ecosystem to help give creatives from emerging parts of the world the funds to kickstart their creative dreams.


The Matthew & Rizzle Show is proudly sponsored by Proof of Beauty Studios, a lab that has been running a series of beautiful and thought-provoking generative art projects on the Ethereum blockchain.

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On November 20th, CryptoMotors, the world's first Digital Automaker powered by Ethereum, will launch its first collection of Design Legends NFT cars in collaboration with world-famous automotive designer Scott Robertson.

With this drop, CryptoMotors is introducing a new model to its lineup of NFT cars: the Retro Rocket Razer, which is inspired by the American classic ‘Hot Rod.’ The CryptoMotors + Scott Robertson drop will include 51 NFT Retro Rocket cars with four rarity levels, each one featuring custom designs, colors, stats, and NFT traits.

Fans of CryptoMotors play-to-earn racing games will be pleased to know that the Retro Rocket is part of the racer family (the same as GEN1 cars and the GEN0 Sport Coupé). Players will have the opportunity to acquire a high-speed, versatile vehicle to compete in tournaments and earn rewards. The NFT Retro Rocket cars will be sold in two batches and three different currencies on OpenSea here.

Batch #1 launches on November 20th at 11:30 am EST and Batch #2 launches on November 25th at 11:30 am EST featuring the remaining 50 cars. You can find all the details about the drop, available units, colors, and prices on the CryptoMotors’ Medium page. You can also follow the drop and join the CryptoMotors community via Discord.

Cryptomotors Website: Instagram: Twitter: Youtube: Scott Robertson Website: Instagram: Twitter: Youtube:

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