Episode 53 - Sinitta Balchandani - Postpartum, the Importance of Healing


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About Sinitta Balchandani

Founded by Sinitta Balchandani, Mama Care is the outcome of her own personal journey. While having a baby is an amazing experience it is also very demanding on every level — physically, mentally, and emotionally. As a young mom, she did not know what to expect after the birth of her child. While everyone advised on the needs of the baby, she was ill-equipped to deal with her baby blues and physical pain. After a long and excruciating journey postpartum, she took it upon herself to ensure that no new mom goes through the same turmoil and that is how Mama Care came to life.

Created by a mama for new mamas, the home-grown brand is here to help mothers feel heard. Depending on her delivery method, a new mum can pick a box with must-have products tested by new moms.

About this episode

In this episode we talk to Sinitta about her difficult journey with postpartum, her struggles to connect with her baby and her brand Mama Care. This episode is very important to us, we believe in having difficult and unconventional conversations. Let’s break the stigma of avoiding the not-so-happy topics associated with motherhood!


"When you get pregnant, everything you see, it's only about what you need for the baby, but nothing about postpartum or how to deal with it"

"I questioned several moms to understand their journey, their struggles and walk with them to handpick the products that go into the box"

"You need to take care of yourself, heal and then you’ll be capable of doing what you’re supposed to do"

"You need your partner’s support or a friend or a family member who’s your constant"

"It’s not necessary to fall in love with your baby right away"

"It’s ok not to breastfeed. It’s ok, your baby’s gonna be fine either way, if you’re formula-fed, breast-fed. The mom is trying to do her best to take care of a child the best way she knows"

"A happy mom equals a happy child, if you wanna raise a human, you need to feel like one"

"Everything happens for a reason. You’ll probably embrace whatever happens and you know that it’s there to serve a purpose then probably would go and you will have no regrets"

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